Off to Houston! Students from Twente win space travel competition

Taking a look behind the scenes at space agency NASA in Houston, USA, for two weeks. Bram Knobbe (4 VWO) from Warderborch in Holten and Karlijn van Alstede (5 VWO) from the Bonhoeffer College High School in Enschede have the opportunity to do this. The students participated in the final of space travel competition “Countdown to Houston” on behalf of their schools. The final was organised by Techniekpact Twente and the United Space School. It took place on Friday, the 14th of February, 2020, in the Gallery in Enschede. The eight finalists were the winners of the preliminary rounds at the five Technasia in Overijssel. They were instructed to think about the colonisation of an exoplanet in the finals. The finalists presented their ideas about such a mission in a video pitch, in English.

BRON: Twente